Project Seven

First Person Precision Shooter

Overcome cutting edge robots using your experimental pinpoint accurate railgun. Break free from the experiment and  escape from the research facility!

Released April 2018



Time Controlling Top Down Shooter

Armed with a time-altering grenade and her trusty SMG the heroine Justine Time combats  hordes of corrupted robots. Find out how to best combine your tools to survive overwhelming odds.

Released Feburary 2018
RoboReboot was nominated and won "Best Technical Execution" at the Swedish Game Awards 2018


3D Space Racer

Enter the underground race called Star Hustle Grand Prix to earn enough to pay back a dangerous loan. 3 fast paced racing tracks set in space station superstructures. 

Released November 2017
Jetburst was nominated for  "Best Technical Execution" at the Swedish Game Awards 2018


Pirates vs ScrapNazi 2D Shoot em' Up

Enter a mission of revenge with as the captain of a flying pirate ship. Progress trough 3 intense levels, defeat 6 unique bosses, upgrade you ship and take the fight to Scrapyard City.

Released March 2017

Riverboat Miner

Gold rush 2D Adventure Game

The gold rush has started. Travel downstream with your riverboat in the search for riches. Explore a seamless world, mine for funds to purchase supplies and upgrades. Tired of swinging that pickaxe? Then light the fuse and let the dynamite fly!

Released June 2017

Bedtime saga

2D Point n' Click

It's long past bedtime but Dad is nowhere to be found. Without a bedtime story you can't go to be. You better take matters in your own hands. 
Explore, interact and discover. Solve puzzles and  go find that missing Dad!

Released November 2016

Kirby's Inferno

2D Plattformer

Trapped in hell you ride piggy-back on a long dead butler. Floating through air and collecting shards of you memory you discover the truth about yourself and your ghostly companion.

Released April 2017